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Spring Shopping Guide

Spring is finally upon us, and with it comes formals, date events, and garden parties. This time of year, I like to gather my closest girlfriends, take a trip to Newbury Street, have brunch at a sidewalk cafe, and most importantly — shop. Though I do love wandering around, peeking into windows, and waiting for inspiration to strike me, as a Harvard collegiette I am also well aware that this is the season for second (or third) midterms. This guide is written in hopes of helping make shopping for the various spring social events easier and more efficient!

Spring Formals

From House formals to Greek events and final club alumni dinners, Harvard students probably dress up more often than any other college students. Spring formals are the time to show a little leg with short dresses. So give formal attire your own take by wearing one of spring’s hottest color, emerald. Or turn heads with a sexy red bodycon dress. Or make a statement with that special dress from Rent the Runway.







Informal Date Events

Informal date events have to be the most confusing of all social events. I remember frantically emailing everyone I know, asking about what exactly I’m supposed to wear to a date party at Tommy Doyle’s. The answer is: just step up your Saturday night attire. Try a beaded top, your favorite skinny jeans, and a fabulous pair of heels. If it’s a crush party, you’ll be safe wearing something you would wear to a house formal (as shown above!).


If you’re heading to an activity-based date event, I would take full advantage of this opportunity to “bro out.” Be comfortable, and show your date your easy-going side!
Garden Parties

The little Southern girl in me thrives in shopping for dresses for garden parties. It is your chance to dress as girly and colorful as you possibly can. So go for that lovely floral dress, a bright print, or pull out your classic little white dress that you’ve been neglecting since Labor Day.






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