A Review of Full on Forsythe at the Boston Ballet

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A Review of Full on Forsythe at the Boston Ballet

This week, Lupe and I, the Her Campus Harvard Campus Correspondents, were invited to the Boston Ballet to see Full on Forsythe. We received press passes and got great seats with an amazing view of the show. Full on Forsythe is a program that showcases the work of acclaimed choreographer William Forsythe. This amazing performance includes three of his works: the world premiere of Playlist (EP), the North American premiere of Blake Works I, and the return of Pas/Parts 2018. Full on Forsythe runs from March 7 to 17th at the Boston Opera House.

The show was contemporary because of the use of contemporary music and the use of traditional ballet movements performed at a high speed. Blake Works I is set to seven songs from James Blake’s 2016 Album “The Color in Anything”, while the rest of the show ranged from Khalid to Natalie Cole to Peven Everett. The contemporary movements made the ballet movements contemporary as well.

In Pas/Parts 2018, we see mostly solos, duets, and trios. This included a fun, mischievous duet between Han and Ji Young Chae where they pranced about playfully and high fived. The colors of the dance costumes were bright green, pink, purple, yellow, and blue. Blake Works I employed a more wistful tone. The dancers wore blue in accordance with the theme. The duets were elegant and beautiful, and the music complemented the performance perfectly. Lastly, Playlist (EP) was an energetic end to the evening. The dancers wore electric blue and pink, lighting up the stage. The men kicked off the show with an upbeat performance to “Surely Shorty”, and we see a beautiful duet between Fentroy and Doble to Khalid’s “Location”. Finally, there is a spectacular ending with the dancers high kicking to Barry’s White’s “Sha La La Means I love you.”.

This is one of my favorite performances. The colors, the music, and the choreography were stunning! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute, and I definitely recommend going to see this outstanding show!