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Reasons Why I Am In LOVE With This Season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Harvard chapter.

If you haven’t ever seen a single season of the Real Housewives, then you’d be in the same boat as me. It never really interested me–if it was on TV I’d automatically click off.

But this season… this season was different…


The First Black Woman on RHBH – Garcelle Beauvais

LONG overdue for so many reasons!!! She is the iconic addition to the clique we knew we always needed <3

Dorit Kemsley Being Allowed to Live Her FULL FANTASY (and ruining everybody’s day) (multiple times)

Letting a fashion icon be a fashion icon? Unapologetically? A fave.

Speaking of Dorit… The Infamous Capri Room at Buca Di Beppo

Yes Dorit’s Capri room at Buca Di Beppo is a meme now and YES I will be participating.


And the fourth wall has been BROKEN!!

(and that was before threatening to LEAVE if Bravo aired something AND sending she CAST AND CREW A CEASE AND DESIST)

AND FINALLY The Sapphic Disaster that IS this season.

No clip. A clip will never be enough. Just watch the WHOLE season. It’s worth it.

That’s it. Watch the season NOW!!

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