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With the Power of makeup, This Teen is Stealing Ariana Grande’s GIG

So this isn’t necessarily new news, but let me tell you about how I found out about this.

Let’s paint the picture. I’m on TikTok, living my truth, and BOOM, I see what I think is Ariana Grande on TikTok. But it can’t be? Because why would she be on TikTok? Isn’t she busy touring, living her life, and doing whatever celebs do? Then again, plenty of celebs have TikToks. Post Malone won’t stop showing up on my feed for absolutely no reason. The biggest red flag was the username, @paigeniemann. So I kept scrolling. Every video looked like Ariana Grande. That is, until I found this one from years ago. Now, this girl looks ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE QUEEN ARI. So we have it. The gig is up. She ain’t boo. But I had to dig deeper. I had to explore her Instagram. 

Hi Insta, it’s me Lupe, whaddup. Just lookin for the truth.

First thing I notice, her Instagram looks like if Ari had a selfie finsta. Tight. Now its time to dig. I wanted to see if there was a an obvious line between pre- and post-Ariana snatching, just like on her TikTok. 

But it wasn’t the same. 

Instead, there seems to be phases (to which I will link a corresponding post). Phase 1 is Normal Tween, around 2016, where she looks like a normal tween. She might even be a kid here. Either way, its the before. Phase 2 is The Development, around 2017. She’s learning Ari’s makeup, and putting it on her face. She looks like a girl wearing Ariana Grande makeup, maybe even an Ari costume, but not like Ari herself quite yet. Intriguing… Finally, there’s Phase 3, ARI TIME. This is it. She’s Ari. She’s scamming us all and WE LOVE IT. It’s 2019, which coincidentally was also one of Ariana Grande’s biggest years. AMAZING. But her Instagram gives a look into what else she can do as Ari.

Aka Paige/Ariana has joined the world of prank YouTube (1, 2, 3). Amazing. Prank YouTube may be a cesspool of former Musical.ly boys making up content, but if she’s getting that coin, go her!!

Plus, now she’s really making a name for herself. Even the real queen herself knows about her.

What everybody’s wondering now is if this is an act of makeup artistry or a mega-fan who has gotten enough work done to finally achieve her true dream of animorphing into her idol. I personally think it doesn’t matter. Paige seems very young. She’s probably still a teen. She’s done more than I’ve done in my 20+ years.

Go off fake Ari!!

xx Lupe

✰ Lupe ✰ Harvard Juior ✰ Insta: @inguadwetrust  
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