Navigating Community Bathrooms

There are a lot of transitions made when starting college, like adjusting to the d-hall food, the intense workload, the weekly rather than daily homework, and most of all, the  showers that are even smaller than airplane bathrooms. 

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Learning to shower in tight spaces like Harvard showers is something they don’t teach us in class, but is an essential skill (for these four years, at least). In most showers, there’s barely space for your body, much less your caddy. So how does one master this practice? Live by the rules below.


  • Leave your phone in your room while you shower. Bringing it could mean getting water-damage or taking too long because you’re distracted. This is also a good chance to charge your phone!

  • Invest in a 2-in-1 plastic caddy, like the one to the right. This way, you don’t have to lug a big caddy full of stuff you don’t need when you shower. Instead, you choose how big your caddy is and its contents in a given moment.

  • Wear flip flops to, inside, and from the shower! Those shower floors are full of a lot of things you don’t want even your feet touching. Think dirt, blood, urine, hair, and more. The best shoes are cheap, rubber flip flops. They serve their purpose and dry off quickly.  angry annoyed watching ew clint eastwood GIF


  • Dry your feet off after showering! If you have wet feet after showering, you’ll probably have wet feet when you put your shoes on. Then, you’ll have wet and sweaty feet all day. Over time, this can lead to problems, like athlete’s foot. It’s important to dry your feet off!Image result for good luck gif

  • Dry your underboob! The crease under your breast can remain wet unless you intentionally dry it. It is important to dry this area – which is where your lower breast and chest form a crease. If you don’t, you can get infections from the skin being consistently wet, just like your feet.

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