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Midnight Sun Recaps (Spoiler Alert)

Before walking into the theater, staff workers passed out themed boxes of tissues, donned with images of Katie and Charlie in affectionate embraces. They did this for good reason, (although I never ended up using them). While the movie made me and many others cry, I can’t say it was very quality. Spoiler alert: It’s essentially a reboot of “A Walk to Remember” with a different disease and setting in time, of course. Here are some quick recap facts!


1. Pretty predictable plot. From the onset, partly due to obvious foreshadowing, you can predict what the full plot of the movie is. What makes it worth your time is the technique at which your heartstrings are pulled.

2. Nonetheless, it’s sad to see someone die and the impact that has on loved ones. This explains why many in the audiences sniffled frequently. The movie does an excellent job at showing what it can feel like to live knowing your expiration date is up and coming.

3. It doesn’t show the disease as happiness-disabling. While many movies show a disease having a wretched impact on a character’s happiness, this movie digresses. Sure, Katie would have probably liked to go out in the sun if she could, but she was shown enjoying her life inside with her father and best friend. Even when she knew her time was coming, she made the most out of the time she had rather than mourning the days she’d never see.

4. It highlights how sacred every day we have is in regards to our relationships and impacts on the lives of others. Katie made an effort to give others paths to their best selves and best futures. As the movie goes on, we see other characters adopt a similar attitude towards others. So, making the most of our lives for others becomes a subtle theme in the movie. This aspect of the movie will have you leaving the theater very appreciative for all you have, thoughtful about how you can foster your relationships, and perhaps, hoping that someday your Charlie will find you.

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