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Mark Mauriello!!


Name: Mark Mauriello


Year: 2015


House: Kirkland


Hometown: Reading, MA


Concentration: Special Concentration: Theater Arts & Performance (don’t worry – I don’t really know what that means either)


Relationship Status: $ii^Gl3, lol txt it


Describe yourself in three words: probably watching Hoarders


Favorite HUDS meal: that sweet potato stuff with the crispy nonsense on top is unbelievable and you know it


If you could be a superhero, which one would you be and why?   

David Bowie – mostly for the costumes


What are you involved with on campus? 

I do a lot of theater & also spend a lot of time running around the Square with sunglasses, studded belt, and iced coffee.


What is your favorite Harvard memory? 

performing in The Lily’s Revenge at the American Repertory Theater – google it, it was awesome; I’m the one in the blue curly wig and giant blue skirt… whoops


What do you look for in a significant other?

empathy, vivacity, and absurdity


What is your best physical trait? 

either my hair or my eyes – both are ridiculously exceptional


Describe your ideal date:

one of two opposites: going off on some kind of extraordinary adventure or sitting around and doing nothing

Amanda is a member of the class of 2014 at Harvard from Connecticut, pursuing a degree in English with a secondary in Government and a citation in Spanish. When she is not planning her next trip, she can be found hidden in the back of a coffee shop working on her novel. Amanda is passionate about singing, theater, travel, and her family and is so excited to be working with Her Campus!
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