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A Letter to All the Freshmen Awaiting Housing Day

Dear Freshmen,


With Housing Day around the corner, I cannot help but get excited to finally be on the other side and welcome some of you to Cabot. Last year, as a freshman, it was exciting to wait anxiously for that knock on the door to tell me what House I would be in. That day I did not know all the great things that would come with living in Cabot House.


From the very beginning, I had a suspicion I would be Quadded. I don’t know why, but I just knew. Unlike most people, I did not dread the Quad (and you shouldn’t either). So, when a huge group of Cabot members bombarded my blockmates’ room I couldn’t help but scream and jump up and down with the rest of them. All that fear people had about being Quadded was completely lost on me the moment I started living there this year.

  Quad Lawn in the Winter


Living in a House is arguably one of the best things about Harvard. Sophomore year is so different from freshman year. In the Yard, you ate all your meals in Annenberg, lived with a random group of people, and were surrounded almost exclusively by freshman. But in the House, you’ll eat meals with your friends in the dining hall, live with your blockmates, and be surrounded by people from all grades. You’re a year wiser and no longer that super confused freshman who did not know which building was Robinson or Emerson. You’re not taking these massive intro courses that make you reconsider enrolling at Harvard. (I’m looking at you Ec10A)


Being in Cabot is amazing. Every day I go to the my homey dining hall and see all my blockmates and know that I am home. Each House also hosts events to create and cultivate a great house community and to make sure that as sophomores you feel as included as possible within the House community. Whether it’s HoCo, short for House Committee, organizing Stein Clubs or s’mores on Quad lawn, these events are a great way to connect with other people and get free food. Once you arrive on campus in August, Cabot is hosting a bunch of sophomore class only events to officially welcome you to Cabot. I went on a cruise which was great because I got to take cute pictures and have a relaxing day on the Charles River.


Me on the cruise


I’m also obsessed with Cabot because of the amazing Faculty Dean known as Dean Rakesh Khurana. If you don’t already know (and you should know), Dean Khurana is one of the best people on campus and he serves as the Dean of the college. I have never met someone who cares so much about his job and is so invested in his students. He works together with his wife Stephanie to make Cabot House a home for everyone who lives there. Also they are literal relationship goals. On the cruise, as Stephanie was speaking to us Dean Khurana looked at her with such reverence that it almost made me and my blockmates cry. He and Stephanie are arguably two of my favorite people to see on campus.


One of the best things about Cabot House and just house life in general is that feeling of coming home after a long day. Once I am on the shuttle and headed back to the Quad I immediately relax because I know I’m finally done for the day. It’s nice to get back to your room, drop your bag, and just collapse on your bed and know that you are home.


I know that most of you are probably scared to discover the house you will live in. It is pretty scary, but also an exciting and amazing experience. Truly, it doesn’t matter if you get Quadded or sequestered to the concrete jungle known as Mather because no matter where you end up you will love it.


Me bidding adieu to my freshman entryway



A proud Quadling

Gabi is a short but very sassy sophomore girl concentrating in African American Studies with a secondary in Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality. She currently lives in Cabot House, arguably the best house on campus. On campus she is heavily involved in the Black and Latino communities at Harvard, specifically Association of Black Harvard Women, Concilio Latino, and Fuerza Latina. In addition, she also mentors Strong Women Strong Girls. Her writing has been featured on Blavity and Curls Understood. When she isn't studying or blogging, she can oftentimes be found baking, reading, dancing to some hip hop/dancehall, or rapping Nicki Minaj.
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