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How to Shave Your Head For the First Time

Don’t worry, it’s not gonna go anything like this mess…

Step 1: Remember, you’re a bad bitch who don’t need no hair to slay the game!!! You can be sexy and beautiful on your own terms!!!!

Step 2: Start with some scissors first. If you have any long hair (I’d say, longer than a few inches) hack away at it so the shaving will be easier.

Trust me. Shaving hair that’s too long can hurt. Plus, haven’t you always wanted to go into kindergarten-chaos-mode and just go crazy with your hair for a bit?

Step 3: Use this opportunity to give yourself the haircut you were always too scared to try. I myself did the bowl cut ;)

Step 4: From here, evaluate how bald you want to be. Depending on the reasons you might be shaving your head, longer or shorter may be better for your first buzz.

Step 5: Start with the number guard one longer than the length you are planning. This will give you something to start with in case you decide you don’t want to go all the way bald.

Step 6: Go shorter if you want to!! The best thing about having a shaved head is you can literally do that. YOU HAVE THAT POWER!!!

Step 7: Jump in the shower and wipe off all those hairs everywhere!

Step 8: Touch your head and revel in its glory!!!!!

THAT’S IT, YOU’RE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Be brave. Be beautiful. Be bold.

✰ Lupe ✰ Harvard Juior ✰ Insta: @inguadwetrust  
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