How to Make the Best of The Warm Weather

Horae has seen our suffering and decided to postpone winter just a little bit longer. Well, maybe the current weather is a result of climate change more than Greek goddesses... Either way, the sun is shining, the weather is warm, and we are all wondering what to make of this extended summertime. Here are a few ideas of how you can make the most of the warm weather—at least while it lasts.

Break out your Summer Clothes Your rompers and dresses don’t have to go into hybernation just yet! Mix up your waredrobe before you’re forced to wear the same down coat every. single. day.

2. Beach Trip As impenetrable as it seems, the Harvard bubble is just a figure of your imagination. You can go from Harvard Square to the nearest beach via the T in under an hour!


3. Photoshoot in the Boston Public Garden

The Boston Public Garden is beautiful in Fall! All of the leaves are changing and falling to make a colorful carpet on either side of the quaint little pond. Looks like the perfect backdrop for a new Facebook profile picture.


4. A stroll in an unfamiliar Area

Go get lost in Boston or Cambridge. You might discover a cute bookstore or art gallery that you love, or find the best slice of pizza this side of the Mississippi. You can do this any time, but getting deliberately lost is a lot more fun when you aren't freezing to death.


5. Picnic Grab some food from the dining hall or treat yourself to a lunch to-go. Then enjoy a picnic in the fresh air with some friends.


6. Blow Bubbles Honestly, blowing bubbles is one of the most stress-relieving activities I know of. Let your inner child free and play with bubbles as you soak up some vitamin D outside. You’ll feel happier, more refreshed, and ready to study for midterms again.