How to do your brows at home

Now that everyone is at home and unable to go out and get their brows done, it seems like learning how to do them oneself may prove especially useful at this time. Below is a simple guide to keeping those brows in formation

  1. 1. Find your shape

    Hold a brow pencil to the middle of each nostril and vertically above it will be where your brows should start. You can mark this spot with your brow pencil or any other pigmented makeup. Now, keeping the bottom end at the center of the nostril, rotate the pencil to the outside of your iris. The spot where it meets your brows will be where the high point of your arch should go. Then, to find the end of your brow, rotate the pencil to the outer corner of your eye and mark a spot where the angle lies. 

  2. 2. Trim them down

    Snag some brow scissors online and make sure you have a brow brush (usually just on the other end of a brow pencil) for this step. Brush your hairs upwards and outwards and trim down the long hairs. Instead of cutting a large area with one snip, do one at a time to get a more natural finish. 

  3. 3. Shave/Tweeze

    This is where my method and other ones diverge. Some choose tweezers to eliminate hairs that don't fit into the boundaries of the desired shape, however, I use a small brow razor to quickly clean up my brows. (You can find these very cheap on amazon). To shave them, I usually dab on a tiny amount of shaving cream or any other moisturizing cream before applying a razor to the skin.

  4. 4. Heal

    Keep the treated skin from getting irritated by applying a cooling treatment to it such as aloe. I personally use aloe and Neosporin mixed together and apply them at night to soothe my extremely sensitive skin. 

Now that you have mastered your own brows, it not only saves you the time and money of traveling to the shop, but you can shape them whenever and however you like!