How to Choose a Roommate

One of the most important decisions you make in a friendship is whether or not to room with them. Here are some important tips and tricks to decide if you should room with someone.


1. Are you the same level of clean?

If you think that their cleanliness will inspire you to be better, think again. A difference in level of cleanliness can ruin a rooming situation, and with it, even a friendship.

2. Do you spend all your time together?

If you see them all day every day, you might want to consider living a part. If you see each other all the time, then even if you live with other people, you're still going to see them. But if you live together and you spend all your time together, it might get old real quick.

3. Do your sleeping habits match up?

If one of you is a night owl and the other is a morning person, you might want to rethink the rooming situation. 

4. What is their relationship status?

If you have a significant other that you want over all the time, or like to bring home hook ups from parties, then you should gage your potential roommates comfort level with that. You don't want either of you to make a sacrifice that you aren't willing to make, because that can just leave to passive aggressiveness and resentment. 

5. Do you like guests?

If one of you loves having people over, and the other doesn't, consider how much you're really willing to give on the issue. If you'd rather have either guests or peace than the roommate, then you may want to rethink the situation.

6. Are you a smoker?

If one of you is a smoker, then even if they don't smoke in the room they can carry back the smell on their clothes and that may change the smell of the room.