How to Care for Your Hair after Getting a Keratin Treatment

If you have naturally frizzy and wavy hair like me, the Keratin treatment has the potential of making your hair smooth, shiny, and much more manageable. This treatment is pricy, but with the right aftercare, effects can last for 6 months. The chemical straightening process takes anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, and when it is over, your hair will be straight and frizz-free. However, taking care of your hair properly after treatment is extremely important to ensure your hair continues to look good for many months afterward! 

After completing the treatment and leaving the salon, take extra care to avoid wetting your hair. You should not wash your hair, go swimming, or go out uncovered in the rain for three days after the treatment. This is important because you need to give the keratin time to settle in your hair. Getting your hair wet will dilute the chemical treatment.

For a few days after the treatment, make sure to wear your hair down without any styling or product. This is essential to maintaining the way your hair looks when you leave the salon because in those days immediately after treatment, the keratin mix with your hair is still quite malleable. So, if you put your hair up or use hair accessories, such as hair clips, you could leave dents in your hair. Wait until after washing your hair for the first time 3 days after treatment to style your hair. After washing, you can use a hair tie for short periods of time to put your hair up but don’t wear it for too long until a few weeks after treatment. After washing, for best results, simply blow dry your hair to style it. You won’t need any styling products because the keratin will have smoothed out your hair. However, if you do choose to use styling products, try to only use chemical-free products.

It is important to take certain precautions to make sure your hair looks good for as long as possible. Swimming in chlorine and salt pools often, exposure to high UV levels and excessive washing of your hair could decrease the lifespan of this costly treatment. These things can be avoided by simply wearing a cap in the pool or covering your hair when spending long periods of time in the sun.

Finally, make sure you are using the right products for your hair. There are many shampoos and conditioners made for keratin-treated hair. These products will be sulfate and sodium-free. You should also use a sulfate-free hair mask to deep condition and nurture your hair a couple of times a month. Another small detail is the material of your pillowcase. Cotton pillowcases can cause friction and disrupt your hair when you sleep. Silk pillowcases won’t make your hair frizzy and will help ensure the longevity of your treatment.