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How to be a Good Roommate

1. Clean up after yourself

Whether it’s your hair in the shower, your spices in the kitchen, or your trash on the counter, clean it up. She doesn’t want to live in squalor, and she doesn’t want to do it for you, so it’s better for you both to keep it clean.


2. Use headphones for your music

It’s not always a good time for music, even Beyonce. Especially if your roommates trying to do homework or sleep, it’s better to keep your music in your headphones, where they belong.


3.  Ask before having friends over

Some people love company, and some people can’t stand it. Just make sure you’re on the same page before bringing friends over, especially late at night.


4. Don’t sexile them

Unless you have already talked through an arrangement, it’s not cool to just bring someone over.


5. Respect their stuff

Make sure you’re on the same page before you borrow anything of theirs, from their scissors to their shirts, if you don’t know for certain that it goes both ways, than it’s better to get your own.


6. Communicate

If you don’t tell them what bothers you, they don’t know how to improve. Open communication is the best way to keep an uncomfortable situation from spiral into a passive aggressive battle.


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