Having a Crush in Gifs


Having a crush it the WORST

but also the BEST (basically it’s a lot of emotions).

Sometimes these emotions make you a little bit crazy.

But it all starts out when you make that eye contact from from across the room…

and you just MELT.

At first you think it’s a false alarm or you deny it,

until you realize that you can’t stop thinking about them and their dreamy eyes (their eyes are ALWAYS DREAMY)

(did I say deam enough?)

Even your friends think you are borderline obsessive and creepy.

Which, to be fair, all crushes kind of are.

Maybe you become friends, and have to spend every moment of conversing trying not to let your undying love show.

Or maybe you stick to obsessing from a far (a classic move).

One day you give flirting a go,

but that doesn’t always go well,

and you start to give up :(

But you still milk that fantasy!

This Valentine’s Day, maybe try again!

You never know, maybe this one is the one!

(maybe not that far, but you get the gist)

Just believe in yourself,

and have a happy Valentine’s Day.