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Most people who know me know that I’m a Jack Harlow stan. I’m quite literally in love with this man: his music! his voice! his vibe! his hair! So to share my love for Mr. Harlow with you all, I here present my five favorite posts from his Instagram page. Hope y’all enjoy them as much as I do ;)

Jack Harlow’s Instagram post: “The ones that hate me the most…”
Jack Harlow on Instagram: “Yes I’m gonna be a star”
Jack Harlow on Instagram: “Get ready… Thats What They All Say. Friday, 12/11.”
Jack Harlow on Instagram: “Still some of the realest shit I ever wrote”
Jack Harlow on Instagram: “new interview with @flauntmagazine”
Kaelin Ray

Harvard '22

I'm a junior at Harvard studying Neuroscience with a secondary in Spanish (also pre-med!) from the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. Here on campus, I'm a captain of the women's club volleyball team, events chair for the Generational African American Students Association (GAASA), and a mentor with the Science Club for Girls. I'm really passionate about working with kids and helping people through medicine; hopefully I'll be able to combine the two someday. Outside of all of that, some of my hobbies are DIY fashion, thrift shopping, photography, and (sometimes) running. Follow me on insta! @kaelin.ray
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