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Feelin’ Myself

You are allowed to be sad. Or happy. Or anywhere really on the spectrum from high-on-life to crawl-in-a-hole-and-kill-me you land. It is all acceptable. Why? Because that is you. You are just reacting to your environment. Why would you want to stifle something as amazing and unique and true as your own emotions?

There’s this constant social pressure to normalize and equalize. Say, if you are having a terrific day and Sally Sue is having a bad one, for some reason you aren’t allowed to be happy about your day anymore. Well, pardon me, but thats bullshit.

Here’s how I feel about meeting people halfway when it comes to moods and emotions: don’t do it. You will always feel like you’re getting the short end of the stick. If you are told to not be a “party pooper”, you feel like the events of your day and your feelings are being brushed off and you aren’t getting any recognition. On the other hand, if you are in a terrific, lively mood and enter an atmosphere of sub-par attitudes you are surrounded with glares of oppression and silent screams for you to turn off you energy and duck your head down like the rest of the crowd.

Either way, it turns out your feelings aren’t getting any acknowledgement. And that’s not okay. You should be able to have time in your day to recognize how you feel and to internalize that and figure everything out. You’re happy for a reason: find that reason. Remember it, cherish it. You’re sad for a reason, too: fix it.

All I’m saying is, be proud of your ups and downs and your brilliant spectrum of emotion, because you are a beautiful rainbow and if people don’t want to see all your colors that’s their loss.



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