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Eleganza: the Biggest and Baddest Show of the Year

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Harvard chapter.

Eleganza is Harvard’s biggest fashion show and largest undergraduate show on-campus. Not only is this show super badass, but it’s super charitable too. This student run production that sells out every year donates 100% of proceeds to the Boston Center for Teen Empowerment. Following three pillars – fashion, charity, and diversity – this show is a highlight of the spring semester for Harvard students and prospective Harvard students at Visitas alike. “It’s so much more than just a show,” said executive co- producer Simone Abegunrin ‘18.

The show is organized into three scenes, each with its own theme that extends to the fashion showcased, the music played, and the dances performed. This year, the executive producers are aiming increase all they do in honor of the charity pillar. They hope to pioneer a new program between ‘Ganzans and local Boston teens.

This show is unique for many reasons, but it especially in that the producers seek models, not for their body shape or even experience, necessarily, but for their confidence. “It doesn’t matter what you look like: it’s your stage presence, your confidence, your charisma,” said executive co-producer Jennifer Mao ’20. This show succeeds at being diverse in many facets: ethnicity, age, body type, and more.

The producers and members across the boards really, really want to highlight that body type doesn’t matter whatsoever to be a part of the show, so it should never stop you from auditioning. In fact, reminding students that body type is irrelevant has been a big part of auditions campaigning and the recently held information session. In fact, the producers are really proud of the pubbing because they saw a huge increase in body types this year.

“It’s kind of like your child. You’ve been working on this for so long, and everybody’s working so hard,” said executive co-produce Charlene Hwang ’19. This will be especially true this year, as the producers are working to make a lot of improvements to the show, like featuring Harvard students’ fashion. Plus, planning and work for the show starts in August, so a lot goes into this production. Around 2,000 people come out to the show, and this number increases a bit every year, which is why Eleganza is increasing in popularity as a campus-wide sensation.

‘Ganza tickets are SEF-eligible, which means that cost shouldn’t be a barrier if you have enough financial aid to qualify. (If you qualify, you will have received an email about your status within your first month). Additionally, the producers are working on making the show totally accessible. They are really taking feedback into account to continue improving the show!

If you ever have suggestions, complaints, comments, or anything at all, the producers want you to know that they are real people. Your voice will be heard! Simply reach out to them through the Eleganza email: harvardeleganza@gmail.com. They treasure feedback and concerns from people, especially within the Harvard community.

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