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Coziest Eats in Harvard Square: Part III

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Harvard chapter.


1105 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA

Classic dinner serving old-school American and Greek breakfast, brunch, and lunches. Huge menu full of options ranging from omelettes to pancakes, breakfast burritos, and soups. My personal stand-out are the sweet potato pancakes. A steal and simply yum. 

Cafe Gato Rojo

1351 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA

A simple and snug student-run cafe great for studying or writing papers in. Come for the affordable coffee, tea, and pastry selection. Stay for the relaxed atmosphere and general good cheer. Only open during the school year. 


158 Prospect St, Cambridge, MA

Koreana is located a bit further away from campus, but it is certainly worth the trek without a doubt. Whether you are there for the quality Korean barbeque or the homey stir-fry dishes, they will be matched with complementary sides and smiles all around. 

Insomnia Cookies

65 Mt Auburn St, Cambridge, MA

Warm cookies until 3AM. Need I say more? The cookies are very rich and strike an excellent balance between toasty corners and a soft, gooey interior. Whether you are stressed with midterms or in need of some snacks for a study break, Insomnia consistently delivers (metaphorically and actually!) 

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