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Break the Harvard Bubble without Wasting Time

There are a number of reasons so many students choose to stay in the Harvard bubble, and one of the biggest ones is time. No one has time to trek out to Boston and wander around the Commons aimlessly when there are papers, p-sets, and finals around every corner. That’s why we have this list of best Boston study spots so you don’t have to compromise. You can satisfy your desire to explore the city and work productively.



1. Thinking Cup

165 Tremont St Boston, MA

This cozy cafe is bound to become one of your favorites. They have delicious coffee, teas, sandwiches and pastries with loads of gluten free and vegan options! 


2. Trident Booksellers

338 Newbury Street Boston, MA

This bookstore-cafe hybrid is the perfect spot for people who like to take frequent study breaks. You can work in the restaurant area upstairs or downstairs, and when you need a break peruse the books and knick-knacks in the store. They have full meals as well as coffee and tea, so you can spend hours here in this super productive environment.


3. FoMu 

481 Cambridge St. Allston, MA

Fomu is a vegan’s paradise. Their delicious ice creams and pastries will give you the sugar high you need to conquer finals season, without as much of the guilt as most cafes. 


4. Boston Public Library

700 Boylston St. Boston, MA

If you don’t feel like indulging your sweet tooth, a library is a great alternative for a study spot. But after suffering in them all semester, Harvard’s libraries begin to lose their charm. Boston Public Library is a beautiful space that combines both old and new architectural styles so everyone can feel at home. 


5. Diesel Cafe

257 Elm St, Somerville, MA 02144

Diesel Cafe is a great space to study with friends. You can take breaks and a game of pool, or just chat over their delicious seasonal beverages. Quadlings are bound to love Diesel because it’s in walking distance from the Quad! 

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