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There are a lot of coffee places near campus, (and rightfully so). Things are popping up and leaving Harvard Square all the time as we know, and Blue Bottle is fairly new to the Square. Right behind the Lampoon and next to Adams it sits, and here’s a case for why we should be happy about this one.

They really care about their coffee, which means you can become the coffee know-it-all. They also care about you and are super friendly, something a lot of fast coffee shops lack today.

You might think you like coffee or know a lot about it because you customize a Starbucks or Dunkin order, but coffee is like wine. There’s a whole lot out there to learn about there, and as college students probably drinking lots of d-hall coffee, we have major work to do in developing our coffee palettes. You should try yourself for the full experience, but here’s a quick breakdown.

  • NOLA is one of the most popular orders. It’s cold brew with chicory and organic milk. It’s delicious, trust me.
  • There is also the single origin cold brew (that you can spice up) or get in a can to go.
  • THE OJI! This is a smooth and long and very flavorful super condensed slow drip coffee. You’ll be served 3 oz. that pack the punch of around 12! It’s made in house and bottled in house too! Really though, talk about packing a punch!

Now, to the hot drinks!

  • You can try the house blend espresso or other espressos with milk (can be made into a latte or mocha or left plain). Hot drinks mixed with milk also come with complimentary hearts.

You can get these marvels to go in a can, carton, or bottle! But wait there’s more: they don’t just have delicious coffee. There are also fresh sweets!

They make liege waffles (with pearled sugar infused batter!!) right in the shop with fresh batter driven from Brooklyn, NY. The brownies bites are also driven freshly baked from Brooklyn. That’s a trek. See how much they care!

I should acknowledge that Blue Bottle isn’t fit for us every day college students to be regulars. But, on those days where you want to treat yourself or just got paid, think about taking a break in that chic, chill café on Bow Street.

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