The Best Ways to Caffeinate in the Square

With the opening of Pavement in the Smith Campus Center, we have more options for caffeinating than ever! Here are the pros and cons of each location when you are deciding your go-to coffee spot. 


Dhall coffee

Pros: Free, mild flavour

Cons: Not very caffeinated


Redbull from CVS

Pros: Available 24/7, highly caffeinated, inexpensive

Cons: It's Redbull



Pros: Lots of different flavours and combos available

Cons: Overpriced, not very caffeinated


Blue Bottle

Pros: Highly caffeinated

Cons: Overpriced



Pros: First small coffee is free with the Harvard coupon, you can do work with it in the new Smith Center

Cons: Coffee is quite bitter, matcha is quite sweet, overpriced



Pros: Highly caffeinated, lots of different flavours and combinations available,  

Cons: There's never anywhere to sit, overpriced



Pros: Great matcha, lots of seating, great location

Cons: Coffee is quite bitter, long line to order


Peets Coffee

Pros: Short line

Cons: Not great coffee, matcha is quite sweet


Lamont Cafe

Pros: Open basically whenever you might need it, great location, can do work there, takes board plus

Cons: Uses Peets products


Cabot Cafe

Pros: Open when you need it most for a late night study sesh, can do work there, in the Quad, takes board plus

Cons: In the Quad