5 Things You May Not Know About Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang

1. He is an entrepreneur who founded Venture for America, which is a two-year fellowship program for recent graduates who want to work in startups and create jobs in American Cities.

2. His first priority, if he becomes president, is to implement a Universal Basic Income for all American’s over the age of 18. This would be $1,000 a month per person with no strings attached. He plans to pay for this by creating a new tax on the companies who benefit the most from automation of labor.

3. He has two young sons, and he is motivated to run for office because he wants to create a better America for them to live in.

4. He has a strong academic background! He studied economics and political science at Brown University as an undergraduate, and then he went on to law school at Columbia.

5. The message of his campaign is “Humanity First”. He is worried about the future for American’s as new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, robots, and software, destroy millions of jobs. Americans are losing their jobs, and they may not be able to get them back. Thus, Andrew’s campaign addresses this issue head-on.