5 Shows on Netflix to Watch This Long Weekend!

Indigenous Peoples' Day is this coming Monday, which means we all have an extra-long weekend. Here are some Netflix shows to enjoy on your day off!

1. Unbelievable

This is a Netflix series about a young woman struggling to navigate her life after being sexually assaulted while a group of detectives tries to catch a serial rapist. This show is based on real-life events and has all the suspense of a crime show plus the emotion of a drama. 

2. Bojack Horseman

A new season of Bojack will be released in about two weeks. Although this show involves many talking animals, the issues address are surprisingly realistic. Catch up on this hilarious, profound, and dark animated show now!

3. The Office

I'm assuming most people have already seen The Office, but the show is leaving Netflix in 2020 so rewatch as much as you can before it will be aired exclusively NBCUniversal's streaming service. 

4. When They See Us

This Netflix original is a brilliant retelling of the horrific Central Park Five events. There are only four episodes, but so much emotion is packed into every one of them. I suggest having tissues ready, and the scenes can be upsetting enough that you may have to take breaks while watching. However, I think everyone should watch this show because these issues continue to persist.

5. Portlandia

For fans of Saturday Night Live and satirical comedy, Portlandia is a must-watch show. The skits are exaggerated, but they capture the essence and the uniqueness of Portland, Oregon,