5 Places to Visit in Davis Square This Winter

Davis Square? Where in the world is that? Sadly, most Harvard students have never heard of or been to this vibrant junction just two shorts T-stops north of our very own Harvard Bubble. Davis Square is a perfect destination for those late-fall or winter nights when you want to leave Harvard Square, but don’t quite want to wander across the Charles to the cold streets of Boston. Or when you finally decide to catch up with your friends at Tufts.

Quadlings should pay special attention to this article. Davis Square is only a 24-minute walk from the farthest corner of our beloved houses. Don’t listen to Google Maps; I timed it myself, just for you.

1. The Burren (http://www.burren.com/)

The Burren is an Irish Pub and Restaurant in Davis Square. The restaurant describes itself as “one of Boston’s truly unique places” due to capturing “the mythical nature” of the great rocky expanse in Ireland after which the establishment is named. The description is absolutely correct: there is definitely something unique about the warm, chatter- and music-filled restaurant. I guarantee that your favorite thing about The Burren, even if you’re 21+, will be the pub’s amazing variety of soups. The homemade soups are only $3.50 (cup) or $4.50 (bowl) and are served with delicious Irish brown bread. The Lentil and Beef soup is honestly one of the best soups I have ever had. And that is a very high compliment when it comes from a Hungarian girl who surely knows her soups. So please, do yourself a favor, and visit The Burren for a lunch or dinner on a cold day when you’re craving amazing soup. The Burren also hosts many cover bands and great events throughout the year!

2. Mr. Crêpe (http://www.mrcrepe.com/ordereze/home.aspx)

Although crepes are never out of season, stuffing down chocolate filled pancakes-from-across-the-pond is an especially great idea during the colder half of the year.  You will have a hard time choosing between the mouth-watering options at Mr. Crêpe, which is probably why they came up with the Build Your Own Crêpe (BYOC) option. How does a “fresh strawberries with fresh kiwi and honey” crepe sound? “Dark Belgian Chocolate” would also be a great choice. The restaurant also offers delicious Savory and Vegetarian Super Crepes for those of us who haven’t given up trying to be healthy during the semester.

3. Martsa on Elm

What could be a better place to visit on a winter day than a restaurant offering delicious options from the breathtaking snowy peaks of Tibet? Martsa on Elm offers a fusion of Tibetan and Asian Cuisine in a simple and friendly setting. The unique food will be worth your journey to Davis Square. Try the amazing vegetarian options or the popular momo! Martsa on Elm also offers plenty of Chinese and Indian dishes.

4. Buffalo Exchange (http://www.buffaloexchange.com/location-details/boston)

When you’re tired of Newbury Street or the Urban Outfitters in the Square, head to the Buffalo Exchange in Davis Square. The Buffalo Exchange is a great second-hand clothing shop offering high-quality pieces. The sweaters during the fall are especially great, with beautiful pieces from brands like Madewell, Gap, and more for student-friendly prices. Check out the jewelry section for amazing finds! Alternately, if your closet is filling up with old stuff you never wear anymore, consider selling them to the Buffalo Exchange for store credit or some extra holiday-time cash!

5.  Somerville Theater (http://feitheatres.com/somerville-theatre/)

Are the neon lights and life-sized posters of the AMC Loews Boston Commons movie theater a little too mainstream and too public for you? Or perhaps you want to redefine what going on a movie date means? The Somerville Theater in the heart of Davis Square is a beautiful historical cinema that opened its doors on May 11, 1914. The theater offers quality entertainment with only 5 minutes of ads and trailers at way lower price than other movie theaters. Look out for special events in the gorgeous rooms as well as the great drinks and foods to enjoy with your film choice!