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25 Songs To Sum Up Your Next Two Weeks

These next two weeks are going to be rough—midterms, snow, pre-spring break angst. But nothing is better than hearing a song that describes EXACTLY what you’re going through. Keep on reading to learn the 25 best songs to sum up your next fourteen days.

1.      When you’re distracting yourself from studying for midterms by looking at that stupid dress

2.      Then you decide you actually need to do some work.

3.      And then you reward yourself for a hard week of cramming and studying procrastinating by celebrating…

4.      And you play around at the Spee PJ party

5.      And then you have an existential crisis about attending Harvard while you’re in the PSK lounge like

(such a classic Harvard experience, amirite)

6.      Then wake up the next morning and you’re wishing for last night like

7.      And when you’re sitting in the library trying to remember that sometimes college actually is fun

8.      When your study mate is about to leave the library around 3 AM and you’re thinking

9.      Then you leave the library and have to go outside into the freezing cold and all you can think about is

(this one deserved three different songs)

10.  When you are so homesick, you consider cancelling all your spring break plans and going back to your own bed

11.  Then you get sucked into your friends amazing international plans…

12.  …. And then you look at plane prices and you’re like

13.  When your friends are done with midterms before Housing Day and you’re just super

14.  And you just wanna be like the

15.  And you keep trying to tell yourself not to celebrate with all of the excited freshmen

16.  But then you end up going out anyways

17.  And the next day you gather in the Yard to get excited with all the freshmen

18.  And if you’re on the river, you’re all

19.  And if you’re in the Quad, you try to convince them

20.  You’re finally looking down at that midterm and the time is halfway through and it’s still a

21.  And you really want to believe you will actually pass

22.  And you think about how your professor said there was no way you’d be able to study the night before, and you’re thinking

23.  But then it’s spring break!!

24.  And you’re flying off

25.  And even though we are ditching it for just a week, we all know we’ll back here where we belong oh-so-soon


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