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The 11 Most Ridiculous Parts of This Season of the Bachelor

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Harvard chapter.

The Bachelor is no doubt a ridiculous show and this past season, which concluded last week Monday, delivered all the drama and forced sentiment one could hope for. But whether you watched the show because Ben’s face is dreamy or because watching girls duke it out for just an OK guy is a great way to put off your PSET, you have to admit that the best part is the producers’ efforts to make the show interesting. I have compiled a list of all the craziest things that happened so you can keep putting off your PSET and relive this great season.



Most Hilarious Scenes 



1. To start off, Olivia’s performance on the Las Vegas date was one of the few times when the commercials undersold just how dramatic the moment was. Tasked to perform a talent in front of a large crowd, Olivia decided to attempt a burlesque show by dressing scantily, stepping out of a cake, and dancing awkwardly. I admit that it was a tough date, but why would someone who doesn’t have a performance choose to wear the boldest outfit?


2. Surprisingly, the most memorable moment of this episode was when Olivia shared with Ben that she doesn’t get along with girls because she is not like them and “likes to talk smart things”.



3. No list of Ben’s season would be complete without noting how hilarious this scene was.  Everyone was thrilled when Olivia was sent home because she is obnoxiously arrogant and has weird toes, but to top off the sheer joy we all felt, the camera took a shot of Olivia watching Ben return to Emily while tearing up (the producers probably told her to stand there while they panned over her face). I know it sounds incredibly cruel and I seem mean for finding it entertaining, but Olivia literally walked into her conversation with Ben confident that she was getting the rose and was then told by Ben that he could not reciprocate her feelings.



4. To be fair, Ben took the rose with him to their conversation, indicating that he intended to give it to Olivia, then dumped her and brought the rose back to give to Emily. I assume that the producers told him to bring it in order to surprise the audience which is pretty darn evil. I mean if that’s not great television I don’t know what is.



Stupidest Scenes 



5. During a cocktail party, Olivia remarked that watching Amanda is like watching teen mom because she had two daughters at a young age. Amanda was understandably offended by this, and in response said, “Well you’re like Snookie because you don’t have your life together”. That was not cute.



6. In a later episode, Leah, jealous of the other girls because she get have alone time with Ben, talked smack about Lauren to Ben. When she was confronted by the other girls about it, she denied mentioning Lauren’s name (a classic Bill Clinton strategy), yet everyone knew it was her and it was painful to watch.



7. Lace was a prominent character in the beginning but then left the show to find herself and get to a better place mentally. In the “Women Tell All” episode she claimed to be working on “loving herself” but then immediately accepted an invitation to appear on Bachelor in Paradise despite still having work to do on herself. She left one mentally tough show to go on another which is just the dumbest thing.



8. Also, randomly a guy jumped out of the audience, calls Lace “crazy beautiful” and then takes off his shirt to reveal a tattoo of his face. Apparently the whole thing was a joke, but it was just strange.






9. This is just a speculation, but I honestly do not think that Ben knew who to marry upon looking at Neil Lane’s wedding ring designs. Sorry, I just do not buy it and Ben is also a bad actor.



10. Both the preview in the first episode and the previews leading up to the finale featured Ben sending a girl home, chocking up during an interview, saying “I love her”, and then making a call. A female voice answered the call in the clips but in the finale, Ben called Lauren’s dad to ask to marry Lauren. This was disappointing because I was really excited for him to change his mind.



11. Ben told Chris Harrison in “Women Tell All” that he would marry his choice instantly and the possibility of having a wedding in the “After the Final Rose” episode was highly publicized. 30 pointless minutes later, I found out that it was all a lie. Also it was extremely rude to fly Ben’s priest to California for nothing.



Moriah is a freshman at Harvard College and lives in Wigglesworth Dorm. She is from Honolulu, Hawaii and is interested in fashion, history, and the dumplings.
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