Pretty Pastels in Spring!

As the weather gets warmer, don't forget to incorporate pastels into your style! There's a color that complements everyone's personality, and this trend can be executed in many different ways. Here are just a few!

One of my favorite ways is through my nails! It's subtle enough to be noticed - but not too much - and Essie has some totally cute pastel colors that I'm literally obsessed with!

Another way to incorporate pastels, for those of you who are bold, would be to try something like pastel colored jeans or blazers, paired with a plain white shirt and some of your favorite jewelry. It can be a fun look for a date night or just going to class.  Or you can be subtle with a simple scarf or handbag added to the outfits you already wear! It's super easy to partake in this trend! If you don't have any items in your closet now, H&M, Claire's, and Forever 21 have some really cute outfits and accessories in stock! And the best part is... This is a style that absolutely adorable and it totally fits your budget!