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HC Hartford Gets A Package!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hartford chapter.

Ooh, this looks exciting! Let’s start looking!

I most certainly am not. $10 off an in-store Aeropostale purchase? I might give them a look; I’ve never been.

This is a very cool, super-fancy water bottle. I’m intrigued by what other things they have at Aeropostale. Like I said, I’ve never shopped there.

Buy one get one free Chipotle? I smell a giveaway. (I have been informed that there are indeed Chipotle locations near campus, which is good.)

Cleanser samples from Garnier? Oh, this is exciting – I love Garnier so I can’t wait to try these!

Oh, I’m PUMPED for these Nasty Gal buttons. I absolutely LOVE Nasty Gal. One of these is going on my backpack IMMEDIATELY.

I will admit, today is the first I heard about Tanda Zap, but I will certainly check them out now. Buy one get one half off sounds good to me.

$5 off exfoliating gel by European Wax Center? This kit is making me consider shaking up my entire skin care routine!

A free download of a cycle-monitoring app? This is definitely something I need. As long as they have an Android version, we’re all set!

More LUNA bars! These are delicious and perfect to stash in my bag if I’m having a crazy run-everywhere day (so most days, really).

Another product I haven’t seen before. My curiosity’s been piqued.

Okay, that…that is adorable. And they’re supposedly as comfy as they are cute. I’ll have to keep a couple of these for myself too.


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