Halloween Nail Art!

Halloween is just around the corner!  But why just stop at a costume? Here are a few awesome nail designs you can use to get you in the spooky feeling!


  1. Paint your nail orange (I suggest 2 coats!) and let it dry

  2. Take a black nail detailing brush/pen (a toothpick and regular black nail polish totally works too!) and make two outlines of triangles, then fill them in. *go in the same direction when filling in your shapes, it makes it easier and the strokes blend into one another better*

  3. Then to make the mouth, draw the outline of the smile/scary face you want your pumpkin to have first, AND THEN fill it in after. To make sure you make the perfect teeth, stop and draw them separately not just drag the brush/pen, you want clear cut lines.  

  4. Apply a coat of clear polish and you’ve got yourself a cute little Jack-O-Lantern!

Spider Webs

  1. *If you’re using a basecoat, apply 2 coats of it and let it dry

  2. Take a black/white nail detailing brush/pen (again a toothpick and regular polish totally works!) and draw 4 or more lines that drag from one corner of your nail to the middle of your nail. The first one should be along your free edge (where you would put the white line a French tip) and the last should be along your lateral nail fold (the side). The amount of lines inside between those two are completely up to you!

  3. Once they dry, take your detailing brush/pen/toothpick and between the lines you just drew, make little arcs or Cs to connect them. You can do this as many times as you like as well. It all depends on the look you’re going for!

  4. After that dries, apply top coat of clear and you’re all done!

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!