Campus Celebrity: Sherice Ford '16

When did you first realize you were into fashion?I started getting into fashion more in high school. Growing up in New York City, you see a bunch of new trends, various individual styles and you just want to create your own. Everyone went to Soho, and you see the trendsetters every where you go, and being in high school is where I developed my own sense of style. Even though the urban outfits were attractive, I was always told to dress according to my profession. So I wouldn't mind being daring, and fearless because that's just me, I am going to be the youngest black Female Entrepreneur on Forbes Magazine.

Who's your favorite fashion designer & why?I don't really have one, my freelance fashion stylist however is Soraya De Carvalho. She is absolutely amazing, anything that she puts together is fabulous; when you can see someone's confidence within their pictures, they are beyond beautiful that's just fierce.

What's your dream career?My dream career is to be an Entrepreneur. I would love to run my own businesses some day, and not only create an impact with communities, but I honestly want to affect the world tremendously. There are people all around the world that needs help and we ignore it daily. I want to change that, because these generations that are rising up are going to look to us for wisdom, and half the time we don't have it because we were so busy being distracted, that we forgot to pay attention to little things.

What are your goals with your new fashion blog?My goals for this fashion blog, is to bring fashion with inspiration and motivation. I love to encourage and I was trying to find a way to bring 3 things I love together. My purpose is to not only draw people into fashion, but to affect their lives in someway.

Do you give fashion advice? If so, how can people contact you?Yes I do, people can contact me at [email protected].

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?Within the next 5 years, I see myself traveling with my fiancé, building my empire and affecting people lives. Thats all I want to do and that's all Im going to do.