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Ron Kitcher-Pentey

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hanover chapter.

Ron Kitcher-Pentey ‘14
, kitcher-penteyr14@hanover.edu

Year: Freshman

Age: 20

Major: Studio Art

Hometown: Accra, Ghana

Campus Activities: Rugby, Kaleidoscope, International Club, Lambda Chi Alpha member.

Career ambitions: Ron wants to follow in the footsteps of his father who is a retired military surgeon and was a member of the United Nations peace keeping troops and become a surgeon for the United Nations. He plans to attend medical school after his time at Hanover.

A regular Renaissance man, Ron Kitcher-Pentey enjoys music, theater, rugby, epic literature and pop art. He’s been “drawing, molding, sketching and painting” since he was seven years old and is currently a studio art major. Although studio art appears to be a far cry from the Ron’s designated career path into surgery, Ron says that “creating art and operating on a person are not that different. Whether you’re stitching up a person or painting stipples, it’s the same—you have your hands, the form, precision and concentration.”

Music is Ron’s “number one” passion and he is often seen walking to class rocking an iPod and big headphones. When it comes to music genres, he doesn’t discriminate—except when it comes to country, because “da man dem doesn’t roll with country.” In fact, he may even serenade you with any one of the songs from The Sound of Music. However, when asked to give his life a theme song, Ron didn’t choose a song from the von Trapp family repertoire, but something more modern—“All of the Lights” by Kanye West, because it’s the same combination of “darkness” and “hype” as his life.

What are your passions? Music, art, women, literature.

What characteristics do you look for in a girl? Smart, confident, funny (“or at least thinks she is”), adventurous, and “a bit naughty.”

Absolute turn-offs? Circular arguments. They’re absolutely unnecessary and just make me more upset. If the argument isn’t going anywhere, just drop it.

Are you a player or one-woman kind of man? I’ve been both. I’m leaning toward being a one-woman man now.

If you think you’re the one-woman for Ron, or just want to kick it with a “guy with the overactive imagination, a secret fetish for snicker bars and a love of laughter,” hit him up at kitcher-penteyr14@hanover.edu.