Your Man's View on V-Day

Well look at that, Valentine's Day is around the corner and I know everyone just can’t wait to get their gifts. Flowers, teddy bears, chocolate you name it I guarantee someone is waiting to receive it. As great as Valentine's Day can be everyone has mixed feelings about it. For the ladies, this day is everything. For the gentleman, not so much. 


Here’s what your man and his friends had to say about Valentine’s Day:


“It’s definitely a female-dominated holiday. I don’t really expect to receive anything, but I will give a lot.”

“If you don’t have no one to spend it with, it sucks.”

“[You’re] supposed to show love more often than usual on this day, but once we’re older it becomes one-sided.”

“I think this holiday is for women. Not so much for men at all and for people without significant others.”


Our men are dreading Valentine’s Day!


Some men feel like Valentine’s Day isn’t a day that is meant for them. They are stuck in the stereotype that the man has to always get the woman something and be content with not receiving anything back. Ladies, we have to love our men back. Love is not one-sided. Treating your significant other to something special shouldn’t only pertain to the women.


Now, not everyone’s man feels that way about Valentine’s Day. Other men believe:


“Couples show love to each other more than usual.” 


“ It should be a day that you show even more love towards your loved ones, not just your significant other, but those who are close to your heart. Also if you see a stranger that may need some love on that day, spread it to them as well.”


“I think it’s just a day to show appreciation to someone you care about.”


While a lot of gentlemen believe Valentine’s Day isn’t for them, we still have our hopeless romantics that enjoy the holiday. Just because these men spoil their spouses or loved-ones doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t receive the same treatment back. Ladies, find a way to show love to your man this Valentine's Day and every day.