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Your Go To Playlist For The Fall Time!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.

As Fall season approaches, so do all of the wonderful feelings I associate with it. Fall feels like a breath of fresh air, and a warm hug all at once. When I think of Autumn, not only do I envision all of the beauty that this season possesses, but I am also, for some reason, drawn to a sense of nostalgia and comfort. As the music lover that I am, I am always finding reasons to associate my feelings or chapters in my life with a lovely playlist which eloquently encapsulates how I feel throughout those times in my life. So with that being said, what better way to transition into the season of Fall then none other than creating a playlist! Here are some go-to songs that not only will add some pumpkin spice to your life, but will also have you fall in love with Fall!

Nothing Even Matters- Lauryn Hill 

A go to song on my Fall playlist would have to be “Nothing Even Matters” by Lauryn Hill. It embodies all things pertaining to new beginnings, and that’s exactly what I think of ,when I think of the season Fall. In this song, Lauryn Hill vocalizes how in life nothing really matters, and there’s so much beauty behind that statement. In understanding that life was never meant to be a dreadful or stressful experience, but rather finding beauty in the unknown, knowing that it doesn’t matter. Out with the old and welcoming new blessings and experiences is what new seasons are all about, and I think this song does a wonderful job making one feel that in its entirety.  

Street Lights- Kanye West 

“I know my destination, I’m just not there.” Kayne West eloquently describes the meaning of welcoming the unknown with open arms. Finding comfort in understanding that it’s okay to not fully have an understanding of where you are going in fact that’s the beauty of our life’s journey. This song evokes feelings of nostalgia and the feeling of coming to terms with the path you’ve been blessed with. Fall for me is all about new beginnings, as each season ends; we are welcomed with another one. I LOVE this song and I highly recommend it being added on your playlists. 

Landslide- Fleetwood Mac

This song is an ultimate must have on everyone’s fall playlist, because it is all about self reflection. For me, this song once again provides me with a feeling of nostalgia as this song explores growth from all angles. It explores progression from a lens of a child growing into adulthood, and the realization that in fact growing up can be scary and that’s okay. Though I associate this song with many aspects and chapters of my life, it will forever be close to my heart during the wonderful season of fall.  

Interference- Tems

Next must have song on your playlist is “Interference” by Tems. Tems is by far one of my favorite artists, from her vocal range to her impeccable lyrical ability, she makes her songs heavy and with wonderful depth. Interference is a song that explores finding peace within yourself and with the place you are at in life. It’s a wonderful start to her album For Broken Ears because it’s raw and soulful. This song gives off feelings of release, serenity, and in fact it feels like a breath of fresh air. 

Brand New Start- Miles Carter

“Brand New Start” by Miles Carter is undoubtedly a song I believe everyone needs in their lives and here’s why. This is a song/spoken word piece that captures starting a new chapter in your life, accompanied by the realization that change is inevitable. Not only does Miles Carter do a wonderful job conveying such a powerful message, but he also uses an array of beautiful sample vocals, which tie both his spoken word and musicality together eloquently. Re-emphasizing the beauty of change, and welcoming the new seasons in your life that are to come, is exactly how this song will make you feel. 

Give You The World- Steve Lacy 

Steve Lacy’s song “Give You The World” feels a beautiful array of love and comfort. If I were to envision this song, I think it would look like a pretty sunset. With that being said, this song would make for a wonderful addition to your Fall playlist. Steve Lacy does an amazing job with his use of instrumentals, along with his unique vocal range, that makes listeners fall in love with his artistry. It never fails to make one feel a river of emotions when listening to it, and that’s why I think it would be perfect for the fall/cuffing season type of vibe!

Futura Free- Frank Ocean

Now of course, I simply can never make a playlist without adding my all time favorite artist Frank Ocean, and I will extend my love for his music to you all. “Futura Free” is a must add to your fall playlist! The feel good vibes this song gives off, but also its ability to make one look inwards and reflect on their experiences with pure gratitude. Whenever I listen to this song, I too, also find myself feeling thankful. Frank Ocean does a wonderful job making his audiences feel every emotion all at once, and that’s the beauty behind so much of his work. “Furutra Free” explores the feelings of nostalgia, as Frank reminds us of where he once was, and how grateful he is, to be where he’s at now. There is so much I could say about this amazing song and why you should all listen to it! So with that being said, “Futura Free” needs to be in your fall playlsit!!

WIMS (interlude)- Brandon Banks

One word. BEAUTIFUL. That’s what I would use to describe this song. It’s the type of song that you want to hear more of and constantly makes you want to hit the replay button. This song is an ultimate fave on my Fall playlist because of its instrumentals. The violin accompanied by the outro where we repeat “I know who I am I know who I am”, also one to interrupt the depth of these lyrics in many ways. 

I hope this short array of songs inspires you to listen to these amazing songs, or perhaps make a Fall playlist of your own. For me, music is the perfect remedy for any chapter, transition, or season in my life, and I too hope you can explore your love for music as well!

Zoë Rose

Hampton U '25

Zoë Rose is currently third year Journalism major with an emphasis on English & Creative Writing from Watchung, New Jersey. When she's not writing, she enjoys listening to music, spending time with friends, and doing yoga <3