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You Wanna Record Us Doing What ?!

*Cue Sex Therapy by Robin Thicke* It’s a rainy Saturday night and you just finished getting ready for your DA. You’re looking good, smelling good, and ready for the festivities about to go down in a few minutes. Your s/o walks through the door and you know it’s about to go down, but then he pulls out a- wait what is that ?? Is that a phone?! 

While having sex, many people find it strange to record themselves during that time because it’s considered a very intimate and private thing. But, there are many others who completely disagree and believe recording yourself during sex can help improve your sexual relationship with your s/o (if you’re in a relationship) or improve on your own sex skills for the next time you do decide to have sex. While many people may be uncomfortable with recording themselves during sex, here are a few reasons why you might consider doing so yourself and how it can help improve your sexual relationships. 

  1. Improve Your Sexual Relationships

Recording yourself having sex isn’t for everyone, but if it is for you, then being able to look back at your sexual experience that day can do wonders for the next time you have sex. Being able to see where you want to improve like maybe like riding *working on your stamina when it comes to those knees* or simply performing oral sex can give you some ideas on what you might want to try the next time. 

  1. Experimenting With New Things 

When recording yourself, you can notice little things that might start to seem a little boring when having sex, keeping in mind that the act of sex, should be playful and always enjoyable. With that being said, if you’re watching the video you just made, you might realize that you want to spice it up a little bit and possibly use some toys or role-play a bit, to make it more exciting for you and your s/o if you have one. Spicing things up in the bedroom can make the whole experience of having sex feel way better.

  1. Connection With Your S/O

Being able to have sex and feel comfortable isn’t so easy. Many people find it hard to be open enough to take it further in a relationship with someone they’re interested in. Once you’ve completely felt comfortable with yourself and that person, sex becomes almost like second nature. So if both you and your s/o both decide to create a sex tape, this is something you now both share. It makes not only your sexual connection stronger but your relationship stronger. Being able to watch the video and discuss what you both want to improve on or what you both like is great. I’m a big fan of talking to your sexual partner about what you like/ don’t like, what you want to try, how can sex be better for both of you, etc. Having this conversation is completely healthy and no one should be afraid to do so. 

  1. Curiosity 

In all honesty, sometimes you want to record yourself having sex for the simple fact that you’re curious. You want to make sure you don’t look dumb or sound stupid. These are normal thoughts that go through our heads whenever we do have sex and it’s completely ok to feel this way. 

*Sidenote: Make sure the recording of having sex is MUTUAL between both parties because recording somebody without their knowledge is illegal. So uhh don’t do that.*

Willow Jones

Hampton U '21

Willow is a Criminal Justice major from Harlem, New York. Willow has hopes of becoming a criminal defense attorney. In her spare time, she loves writing and hopes to merge law and writing together in the future.
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