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Why Thanksgiving is the Greatest Holiday

It’s officially fall. Leaves are falling, it’s sweater and UGG season. As soon as Halloween is over, the next holiday filled with the smell of pine cones and pumpkin spice, is Thanksgiving. Here are 10 reasons why Thanksgiving is such a memorable holiday:

  1. Family: many college students haven’t seen their entire families since about the summertime, so three months is enough time to miss parents, siblings, cousins and everyone in between. Though they may annoy you with random questions about school, grades and relationships, you love them and that’ll never change.

  2. Break from school: no teachers, homework, or quizzes to worry about…if you’ve been on your game this semester. Being at home is comforting and relaxing, and we all know that there’s no place like home.

  3. Football: this Thanksgiving favorite is objective, depending on if you like sports or not. If you’re a football fan, it’s a great day to cheer on your favorite team and anticipate a phenomenal day ahead of you, especially if your team wins.

  4. Parades: whether you watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade or attend a local one in your city, parades are a great time for all ages. They take you back to childhood and illustrate togetherness, happiness and amazing floats!

  5. Black Friday: who doesn’t love to shop?! Of course no one loves the long lines or crowds of people on the day after Thanksgiving; but who can beat the deals?

  6. Gratitude: though going around the table and everyone saying one thing they’re thankful for seems cliche, think about it for a second. How did you make it through the last 365 days? Though Thanksgiving is the public holiday of gratitude, it should show you how grateful you should be, daily.

  7. Christmas is next: one holiday down, one more to go, before the year is over! It’ll be Thanksgiving all over again – but with presents!

  8. Dinner: the most anticipated and discussed part about Thanksgiving is none other than the food! A large spread ranging from macaroni and cheese and yams to chicken and turkey is paradise for starving college students stuck eating cafe food daily. Besides, it’s impossible to leave the table on Thanksgiving without being full and realizing you’ve completely stuffed yourself.

  9. Dessert: peach cobbler, sweet potato pie, or banana pudding? You can take your pick with the desserts or pick all of the above!

  10. Sleep afterwards: a day full of family, food and fellowship is definitely tiring for anyone. The day was long, yet prosperous and who wouldn’t want to have sweet dreams after such a sweet day?

Thanksgiving is loved by many for several reasons, but these are just 10 out of a plethora of reasons why this is such a great holiday. What are your 10 reasons why you think Thanksgiving is great?

Kyla L. Wright is a sophomore journalism major, marketing minor at Hampton University. Born and raised in the city of Detroit, Kyla was fortunate to receive many opportunities to be a spokesperson for the many organizations that she was apart of -- which is how she discovered her passion for writing and public speaking. In high school, Kyla took many journalism classes, attended journalism-based camps, and even won journalistic awards. Upon entering college, Kyla jumped into her field rather quickly. She thrived in her journalism classes at Hampton, began writing for her university newspaper, the Hampton Script, and even started her own blog, which could be found at thedreamdiaries.wordpress.com . Recently, Kyla was honored to find out she had made the list of "Hampton U Brands" for being a blogger on campus. Kyla is very active on her campus, as she's a member of the SGA's Women's Caucus, a Resident Assistant (RA), and of course is a YouTuber and writer for HerCampus. Upon graduation from Hampton, Kyla would like to attend The University of Georgia or The University of Oxford. Ultimately, Kyla wants to use her voice as a journalist to give back to her community and bring others up with her. She loves seeing others succeed, especially young women who are told that they cannot.
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