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Why the slow-pace me in relationships was cringing during all 11 episodes of Netflix series, Love is Blind

Why I, a person with severe commitment issues was cringing during all 11 episodes of Netflix series, Love is Blind

The new series all reality show loving, binge-watchers can’t stop raving about, Netflix just released this past month, Love is Blind, puts a new twist on dating. More specifically, marriage. In Love is Blind, thirty singles are put in an experiment testing whether or not you can fall in love without even seeing the other person, by communicating through a wall. Singles go through rounds of speed dating in different pods talking to each other to ultimately decide if the person behind the wall is the one they want to tie the knot with. After popping the question, their identities are revealed and we in front of the screen watch the journey towards the altar. 

The concept of whether someone can fall in love blindly is interesting, however, by watching the show I have come to the conclusion that it takes more than love and few “deep” conversations to get married. If I had to write a review, I would call the show one big, disappointing, cringe-worthy, rushed mess. While the whole world was falling in love at the same time as the characters were, I was just sitting there cringing, repeating to myself this could never be me. 

I, a 19-year-old college student with minimal relationship but lots of situationship experience have learned a lot about love and marriage from sitting in front of my tv screen binging this series. More specifically, what I would never do.

Coming from someone who likes to be sure about something before committing, I was not a fan of the whole behind the wall, week span deadline to getting proposed. I could understand speed dating to determine whether or not you want to potentially continue getting to know someone or date, but not having a man I barely know get on a knee while in tears on day three behind a screen. I need to know about the family, the exes, the pet-peeves, everything you should express to someone before getting married. While they did dive into some deep discussions, it was not enough for me. From watching Carlton leave out the fact he has a history of dating men before proposing to Diamond ( A HAMPTON ALUMNA) just made me confirm that all that time in the pod is not enough time to discuss everything I need to know about you.

The other thing that had me shaking my head was the fact they were so fixed on getting married, they didn’t get the chance to enjoy being in a relationship. The relationship to me is the determining factor of whether or not, you want to spend forever with this person or not, and the creators of this show just snatched that away from them. Instead of learning each other’s favorite colors or going out to the local fair, we’re talking about whether or not all your stuff can fit into my house or not… No thank you. The rushed atmosphere is why we saw only two couples tie the knot at the altar, and the others back out last minute.

The whole show was just a lot for me and pretty much everyone out there who has commitment issues lol. I never thought I would say this, but I would say Giannina and Damian were the only ones I would get behind out the whole show and only from watching the reunion. I to this day say that they have the least compatibility out of all the couples on the show, however, their decision expressed during the reunion to rekindle their relationship and just move at their own pace was something I could get behind. I don’t think a relationship can successfully work out when you’re moving at a pace faster than your own. 

Love may be blind, but it cannot be rushed. Interesting and creative show, kudos to Netflix, but I’ll stick to my slow dating ways, traditional wedding, and dating one man at a time. 

Raven Harper

Hampton U '22

Raven Harper, @raejhene is a graduating senior at Hampton University studying Journalism and Marketing. She joined Hampton's chapter back in 2018 and is now one of the campus correspondents. Raven enjoys 99% of all rom-coms (including reality dating shows), seasoned food and anything that allows her to challenge her creativity.
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