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Why Fall is the perfect time to find a cuddle buddy

We all know how everyone calls Winter time “cuddle season” or “cuffing season?” Well if you didn’t know, Fall is that time of year where it is time for you boys and girls to be putting in those applications for cuffing season!

For all my ladies out there, we are naturally the more gentle, nurturing, and loving ones anyway. So express that sis when it’s time for you to shoot your shot. Brag about yourself and mention what you have to offer. How do you prefer your guy to be? Do you want him aggressive, or would you prefer a gentle teddy bear?

For my fellas, we all know that you like to act all and insensitive, but let’s be real, most men are big spoiled babies! So when expressing yourself and looking for that one to call your cuddle buddy, show her your sensitive side too, trust me! Want her to wear something specific when it’s time to snuggle? Want her to be a certain age, height, weight? Don’t forget to mention that in your application. Imagine if your mother was looking for someone to date, you would want a man to treat her like a Queen right? So when filling out your application be as genuine, kind, sweet, and honest as possible!


Autumn is that time of the year where it is no longer HOT, but on most days just right. The fall allows you to go out and have fun with a thin jacket on and go mingle and meet new people.

If you choose to put in your applications early, that in return gives you time to actually meet up with potential cuddle buddies. Now of course make sure you get to know these people and checking out to make sure they are who they say they are!

On the other hand, the Fall season is a cute and great time to go out on dates (interviews) with these people. The colors of the trees and leaves bring cuddle vibes. Makes you want to go and take pictures and go on long walks enjoying the beauty of nature.

So why exactly do you need a cuddle buddy? Well, in the Fall it is no longer HOT which means a lot of nights can be chilly and being covered up with just a blanket is not satisfying! Ever heard that body heat brings warmth? That is absolutely true! So why suffer when you can have someone else there to keep you warm and on top of that you won’t feel weird because; 1. They have gone through the application process and 2. Hopefully you two have been on your interviews *wink wink*.


Another beneficial reason to have a cuddle buddy is because some nights get lonely! Your friend doesn’t want to come out their house because they’re tucked in and all cozy, and so are you. At this point it’s winter time and you’re snowed in your house alone, without someone to hold you or drink hot chocolate with you or even watch you play the game.


A Cuddle Buddy specifically is someone that is there at any time of the day you want them to be or on the times you two agreed on. They are there to hold you close and super tight, until you tell them to stop. They are there to be another listening ear. They are there to allow you to sit in between their legs while watching Netflix. Cuddle Buddies give you a sense of comfort, passion, and security. Why would you want to miss out on that? Sometimes people consider cuddle buddies “Friends with Benefits” or even just a best friend! Whatever you want to call it, GET ONE, FALL IS HERE AND WINTER IS APPROACHING! The Fall is the perfect season to become jolly before the jolly season comes. When it’s all said and done you guys don’t even have to stay together once spring comes…. Unless you two fall in love!

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