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Why Being a Bad Texter is Okay Sometimes

Let’s be honest, some guys can be really terrible texters, they either do not respond in a timely fashion or they don’t know how to respond period. However, we cannot be mad at them for their texting skills. So, instead of being annoyed, here are some things you should consider when his texts are not exactly what you want them to be:

1.) His phone is not his main priority​: It can be really annoying when you are with a guy and he is on his phone the entire time. It is the same thing if he is with other people. It shows that he respects others, not just you. And you should be glad that he is focused on other aspects of his life.

2.) He has a job​: Him not responding half of the time is most likely due to the fact that he has a job that requires his full attention. It shows that he takes his job seriously and is driven. Also, the fact that he has a job should also be something to be happy about.

3.) He would rather talk to you on the phone​: Some men just do not like to text. They prefer to talk on the phone just so they can hear your voice when their day is done. That’s sweet that he would rather hear your voice than your words on a screen.

4.) He is secure in your relationship: ​Maybe you are insecure in the relationship and that might be something you need to communicate to him. But, as far as him, he doesn’t need to text you all day everyday to prove that he is secure and invested in your relationship.

5.) He is mature​: Any form of social media isn’t a major part of his day. He doesn’t need to be on social media, he has actual goals that he wants to accomplish and realizes that social media doesn’t help him get closer to achieving those goals. He focuses on what’s important in his life.

Next time you start to panic over the length of his text response time, just remember that not all guys are into texting 24/7. Put your phone down, relax and remember that his texting habits do not determine how he feels about you.

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