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If you have been on Tik Tok for the last few months you have noticed women, especially black women swooning over a white boy from Kentucky. Now let’s investigate everyone’s obsession with this seemingly average white rapper. 

Jackman Thomas Harlow was born in Shelbyville, Kentucky in 1998. Most people know him from Tik Tok, more specifically his most popular song “What’s Poppin?” I will attest that when I first heard this song, I assumed Harlow was a black rapper. So, when I discovered Harlow was a white man I was surprised, but more so interested how this white man had developed a rap voice that did not make him sound like any other white rapper. Harlow’s rap voice is nothing similar to Eminem or Lil Dicky, it possesses a smooth nature that currently has the world in a chokehold. 

The swag that Jack Harlow possesses sends his fans over the roof with admiration. Honestly, I do not know what other white man can pull off any of his looks. The mixture of his street style and chains has women, specifically black women calling him “Massa”. Jack Harlow has become the new “Chris Jamal Evans”, meaning he is just an average white man that black women have become obsessed with just from common decency. Black women are in love with him because Harlow appreciates black women in all forms, especially in natural hair and braids.

The chokehold that Jack Harlow has the world in is not solely based on his looks. Yes, his facial hair and curly brown hair increase his appeal; however, women love Jack Harlow because he is respectful of all women. On numerous occasions, Harlow has showed women at his concerts nothing but the most absolute love and respect. Even though, this respect might seem at the very least bare minimum. Harlow has said multiple times that he has no type; whereas numerous other rappers have only been attracted to this perfect silhouette of a woman. Throughout history, many rappers have proven to only respect a specific type of woman. Harlow breaks all these barriers and proves that he loves all women, especially “dark haired women”.

We are all obsessed with Jack Harlow because his smooth flow and sexual lyrics. Unlike other white rappers, Harlow does not constantly reinterate that he is white rapper in all of his songs. Rap is supposed to be enjoyed without the constant reminder of racial stereotypes.

Personally, I cannot name five Jack Harlow songs however his humor and unique look has me completely obsessed with this white man from the Midwest. Harlow proves that despite your upbringings and race if you have a certain je ne sais quoi you will win the hearts of Tik Tok.

Sydney Broadnax

Hampton U '23

Hi friends! My name is Sydney Broadnax and I am currently a third year journalism major and english minor from Detroit, Michigan. In my free time, I like to binge watch my comfort shows and read.
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