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If you don’t know any A24 movies, then you have not experienced a real movie. A24 has produced many genres like horror, comedy, thriller, drama, romance, and sci-fi. The cinematography that A24 productions have produced is *chef’s kiss*. A24 is an American entertainment company that specializes in film and television production. A24 has a direct relationship with young audiences and personal relationships with filmmakers who enjoy a close connection to their audience and was founded in New York. 

Let’s talk about seven movies that you may know : 

Everything Everywhere All at Once 

Oh. My. Gosh. This movie was a jaw dropper; after watching this movie, you have to sit back and reflect on what you just saw. This movie was about an ordinary mother who was told she could save the multiverse. It starts slow but the film makes you think about your life. It has a mix of romance and comedy and is so wholesome. One scene, in particular, stuck with me; in the movie, the mother went through many versions of herself in different multiverses; one where she was just a rock overviewing the mountains. 

The scene quotes, “There are millions of suns, and humans still are trying to deal with the fact that all of that exists inside of one universe out of who knows how many. Every discovery is just a reminder- we’re all small and stupid.” This stuck out to me because there are billions of people in this world, and we’re all specks. It also allows us to think of life from a different perspective and to live life to the fullest. 

The mother’s daughter has been unhappy all her life, and she wants the world to end, but her mother has to convince her that her life is worth living. The movie is funny, but it truly has a deeper meaning, relatable, true story of generational trauma. It depicts the way we find ourselves, deal with our flaws and fight to be who we are and for our family to understand us for it.

In my opinion, I would rate it at 10/10. It had such amazing meaning and was well written and acted. 

X Movie & Pearl

This movie was a graphic thriller and was very interesting to watch. It started with a group of people who rented a farm for a porn movie without knowing the farm’s owners, an old couple who were very religious, and her sex life was dead. The old lady would watch the porn from the window and imagine being herself. She decided that she wanted more from her relationship. When the older man doesn’t want to, she gets jealous of the people in the porn movie and agrees that it is sinful what they are doing; this movie leads to multiple murders. It has you on the edge of your seat, wondering who’s going to die, and it is very graphic. This movie was a 10/10. It consists of everything, and also Kid Cudi was featured in the movie. 

The movie called Pearl is a sequel to the old lady’s story of when she was young and how her life was before the movie. This movie just came out and I highly recommend you guys watch it. 


This movie was very dark and twisted and will definitely have you on the edge of your seat. It is about a couple traveling to Northern Europe to visit a rural hometown’s faded Swedish midsummer festival. The movie has a few jumpscares but the actors like Florence Pugh acted incredibly and made you really feel for the characters. The movie was a very psychedelic experience, there are some parts that are savagery and sadism that the movie portrayed in the midsummer ritual.

This movie was 8/10, it was tough to watch because of how graphic it was.


This movie is an incredible compilation of skater culture with a 90s twist. It’s very much a feel-good summer film. It’s about a 13-year-old growing up in the 1990s era who spends his summer with a new older group of friends. A group of skaters who break the rules, who are on a quest of rebellion and dangerous experiences, a summer of skating, bad decisions, and growing up unfolds. The movie is funny, and entertaining and has you watch and experience life from this little boy’s point of view. A very coming-of-age movie that I highly recommend adding to the movie list. 

This goes down as one of my favorite movies and is rated 10/10. 


The movie Waves focuses on many themes, like toxic masculinity and toxic love. This movie depicts love, redemption, and forgiveness. First, it begins with the son’s life named Tyler, a high school wrestler with a rigorous father who makes him work out all the time. While Tyler does everything to make his father happy, he is also in a relationship with a girl named Alexis, the relationship is very toxic, and they fight very often. When Alexis finds out she is pregnant, he tells her to abort it as it will affect his student-athlete plan. This leads to another fight where something truly horrible and shocking happens. The second half of the movie is about the daughter Emily; after watching something terrible happen to her brother, the directors change it to her side of the story. This part allows her to meet Luke, who is a very sweet boy who communicates very well and they fall in love. Emily and Luke’s relationship was very healthy, as Alexis and Tyler were not. The director wanted to give the audience two different points of view of people and the different ways of love.

Now let’s talk about the cinematography; this director made sure to direct the cameras a certain way so you truly feel like you were with the characters, the oceans, and the way the camera viewpoint was, it’s just truly a masterpiece, even the soundtrack had you fall in love with the movie more and more. 

For some people, this movie is a comfort movie which is why I rate it a 10/10. The cinematography, the soundtrack and the production level are just to die for. 


Now this movie was one for the books as this was directed by Jordan Peele, it was amazingly directed, the movie was a horror and sci-fi combination. The movie is about a man whose father died from something very unusual in the sky; he was on a mission to figure out what was up there. The movie starts slow, but it begins to get more entertaining when they decide to bring cameras to try and find out what is happening. The film depicts many meanings but what I got from the movie is that not everything is worth being famous and that animals can’t be tamed. If you watched the movie, you’d notice that the monkey scene was added as another example of how animals cannot be tamed, as the monkey was trained to be on television and one little thing triggered him causing him to attack the whole place. The movie had me really sit and think about what happened, the ending really made the movie better, and the casting was really perfect. In my opinion, I rate this movie a 10/10, the way the movie was made was just truly a masterpiece, and it makes you think. 

In conclusion, A24 Productions have produced many unique and exciting movies that I highly recommend watching. I am truly obsessed with these movies, and there are many more like Moonlight, Bodies Bodies Bodies, Lady Bird, and Hot Summer Nights, to name a few. These movies have had a lasting impact on my perspective and my way of interpretation.

Morgan Williams

Hampton U '25

Hello, my name is Morgan Williams and I am a psychology major and minor in political science on the prelaw track, I run Track and Field and I enjoy writing