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Who Should Pay on a Date?

Dates can make or break a relationship. One of the biggest topics for arguments within couples these days revolve around money and who should pay for what. In a society where there isn’t a blueprint for who plays what roles in relationships anymore, it can make situations like these a little harder. My partner, Canaan Holmes, and I decided to dive a little deeper into this topic.

KS: If a girl gets asked by a guy on a date then he most definitely should pay, especially on a first date. If he is really interested in starting something with the girl then going out of his way to pay and win her over shouldn’t be a problem. I’m not saying that he has to ball out, especially being in college, I understand funds may be a little low. I am also not saying that money is the only way of getting a girl to like you, but I’m sure that by paying it will look a lot better to the girl.

CH: If a man asks a girl out on a date, then he should pay. He went out of his way to talk to her and express his interest in her. The man should provide transportation and make sure she is taken care of throughout the date. When the conversation of paying arises, the man should reach in his pocket and pulls out his wallet. Even if the girl offers to pay, decline her offer and say you will take care of it.

KS: Canaan and I seem to share the point on this one. However, on the point about if a girl offers to pay then you should decline their offer, I feel that if a girl wants to pay, then let her! Guys need love too! I know from experience that I like to treat my boo every now and then to prevent it from being so one sided. It should be a task that is split between the two of you and not just one person does it every time, especially if the relationship continues. 

CH: Very true. If  the couple is casually going out and have been in a relationship for a while,then who pays differs. The man could pay or vice versa. They could even split the cost equally. The most important part in these situations is communication. The couple should have an open, clear conversation about who is going to pay. Maybe the man will cover the cost of food and the woman will pay for dessert or the woman covers the dessert or tip. Communication will establish a common ground and help to end the date off great. We don’t want to end up in a situation where it is time to pay and both partners are just staring at each other wondering who’s going to pay.


Kayla Smith

Hampton U '23

Kayla Smith is a sophomore journalism major from Columbia, MD. She enjoys writing, listening to music and traveling. She is very excited to be attending Hampton University and to expand her skills at her illustrious HBCU.
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