The Weeknd’s Unexpected Drop of My Dear Melancholy

Many of you may have woken up to lots of tweets and notifications about the Weeknd’s new album, My Dear Melancholy, which dropped last night and caught the world by surprise. It has been 18 months since The Weeknd released his album, Starboy, in 2016 which left fans screaming for more. Looks like everyone's wish has finally come true!

    True fans of the Weeknd, who is also known as Abel Tesfaye, know that whenever he goes through a breakup, it will show throughout his music and will make it 10x better. It is sad to say that many want him to go back to being on drugs because that is when his music is the best and the most soulful.

He is essential to many who can relate to the pain he sings about heartbreak,  and also the happiness he brings by telling peoples truths and pain. My Dear Melancholy has 6 love wrenching songs. The album starts with a song titled Call My Name where the singer talks about the way he wants someone to stay with him, even though she doesn’t want him. With The Weeknd’s recent breakup with actress and singer Selena Gomez, it seems to many fans that most of the album is dedicated to her. But is it? It’s up to you, the listener, to determine that yourself.

Check out My Dear Melancholy on Apple Music and Tidal now!