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It's a Friday night and since life is virtual here is an easy go to guide for a game night to have with friends that are FREE to play online!

Zoom or Facetime

First and foremost start off with a light catch up since it is gonna take some time for people to get on the zoom call or Facetime. This is a good time to ask people how they have been since the last time you spoke. 

Now that you have gotten the conversation flowing, let's start off with the first game of the night, Skribbl.



Skribbl is similar to charades or pictionary where the game generates a word for the player at hand to draw. The other people in the game type in their guesses and the game will give points for you guessing correctly. If you guess incorrectly it will show up in the chatbox to let other players know. 

Uno Online


Uno online is very similar to the original card game, and easier to keep up with. From the infamous reverse card, to the friend dangering plus four, all these aspects are included in this online version. To start a game, name the room, and depending on the size of your game night you can allow 10+ players by checking one of the boxes. Once you press create, you can share the game room link to your friends to join. 

All The Bad Cards


All the bad cards are very similar to the popular card game Cards Against Humanity. Similar to uno online you create a game room, send the link to friends, and then play the game for as many rounds as you would like. And even after you finish the rounds you have the option to create more rounds. 

Get the Popcorn Ready

After playing all these fun games together you can choose to wind down with a movie either through one person sharing their screen on Zoom or if everyone has Netflix through the browser extension called Netflix Party. Zoom and Netflix parties both have chat boxes that you can still speak on what is going on in the movie. 

Have a great game night!

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