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Virtual First Semester as a Freshman In College

Due to COVID-19 some schools decided to do remote learning for the first semester to protect the health of students. This has affected everyone from freshman to seniors and even administration. Amongst all those affected, incoming freshmen have had the most difficulty during this transition. Leaving high school and entering college, while adjusting to school online has been very challenging. Trying to adjust to a new time schedule, new workload, and system has not been the easiest thing to accomplish. Not only has this been challenging, but this can be discouraging to many. A lot of freshmen were looking forward to leaving their past life and stepping out into the world on their own. Diving into the culture and meeting new people along the way. They were ready for lifelong friends and to be able to transition away from unhealthy relationships at home.

I know learning online can be unmotivating, but remind yourself of why you decided to go to college! As you embark on your young adult life there will be times you are put in uncomfortable, challenging positions. Positions that will test your mental toughness and push your patience, but as you grow in your adulthood you will learn to overcome adversity.  Although campus may not be open there are still many ways to be involved and get the best virtual experience as possible.

College virtually may be different from the traditional ideas of university,  but there is still a lot to be excited for. Join class group chats, attend virtual events, participate in clubs, continue striving for that 4.0! Practice study habits, prioritize what’s important, build those time management skills, but most importantly protect your mental health. This transition may be overwhelming, professors may not email you back as quickly, you may deal with technical difficulties, and other things may come up that interrupt your lifestyle. When these times of frustration happen, focus on gathering yourself mentally and try again. This semester sets the tone for the rest of the year so make the best of it!

♡ Hey! I’m Jermany Mapp a first year Strategic Communications Major from South Carolina at Hampton University with a minor in Marketing! My plans are becoming a Sports Analyst for ESPN & a Public Speaker!
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