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The world’s population consists of approximately 7.7 billion people. At least half of those people are women. Women are often underrepresented, underappreciated, undervalued and any other synonym you can think of. In life, there are times where there are the deepest of lows and highs of highs. Women struggle with opposition or defeat around them all the time and it makes it challenging to be a confident woman. Often times we think that men are the ones who keep women down but in reality, it can be other women as well.

You may be wondering if women really treat other women like this, yes and no. It happens in some situations not all but we all have the choice and power to empower other women to exceed and excel at everything that they do. In today’s society, there are a lot of women making changes and being bosses. Instead of tearing them down, creating competitions, seeing who is better and eventually creating rivalries, let’s lift each other up. A little friendly competition doesn’t hurt but doesn’t have to discourage one another but challenge them, both people should be able to congratulate or commend the other for their hard work and accomplishments. 

Women are often critiqued about choices they make whether it is about hairstyle choice, career paths, reproductive rights; it could be anything. As women, we should be standing behind each other, empowering each other. Encouraging other women makes them stronger and confident to do everything they want to do. How do we do this? It can be something as small as reassuring someone, saying “You got this! You’re a force”. You can even empower another woman just by giving a compliment and see their confidence or mood. You never know what someone else is going through and some kind words can make such a difference. In reality, as women, we only have each other to push us, celebrate us, support us, work as a team and encourage each other until someone gets the win. I saw a random quote on Instagram that said: “One woman’s accomplishment is an accomplishment for all women, a step forward to change”. 

Now maybe I have gotten ahead of myself here, there is one important that needs to be addressed. Before uplifting someone else we need to take responsibility and action to uplift ourselves. To do that we must recognize our own accomplishments and success, have positive attitudes about ourselves, great sense of our worth and gain self-confidence and self-love so that we can pour the same things into another woman. Take this time to reflect on the last time when you truly felt someone supported you, better the last time you uplifted someone else or even yourself. If you’ve been thinking hard the last five minutes about that time, then it has been a while. I challenge you today to simply compliment another woman or yourself on the hard work that is being done. 


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