The Ugly Christmas Sweater Tradition and Stylish Ugly Christmas Sweater Looks

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What is the hype about ugly Christmas sweaters? Over the years, with great sarcasm and humor, it has become a tradition for offices, organizations, students and more to host holiday parties that mandate wearing an ugly Christmas sweater.

According to the Wall Street Journal, this tradition commenced in the 1980’s when partygoers wore these sweaters as their style, it was humorless attire. In the more recent years, wearing tacky reindeer and Santa’s on sweaters have become mockery. In addition to mocking the extreme cheer of the holiday season and expressing sarcasm through clothing, these sweaters bring in more revenue during the holiday season. Online retailers like ASOS and Boohoo promote ugly sweaters as main stores like H&M and Nordstrom dress their window mannequins in this traditional look.

The idea is fun and different, while allowing people to drop their guard when it comes to stylish needs. However, just because you are rocking an “ugly sweater” this holiday season doesn’t mean you can’t do it with style. Here are a few looks that show you how to dress your Christmas sweater look up.


1.     With the colorful holiday aesthetic on this sweater it calls for solids! A solid red leather skirt with pumps and a clutch to match add the perfect amount of solids. Not to mention, this look is the epitome of class. Why not transform your “ugly sweater” in a cute way like this?


2.     Keeping it plain and simple can sometimes be the best way to tone down one of these mockery sweaters. Taking the red Santa hat on the sweater and rocking some red booties is all you need for a look like this. The black pants just finish this look off.

3. This reindeer may not have a red nose like Rudolph, but you can have a pop of red lip and a red bag. The holidays are supposed to be cheerful, why not add to the cheer by flaunting holiday colors. An over-the-knee boot gives just enough sass to dress up the sweater paired with simple denim.

4.     Who says sweaters can’t be layered? Yes they can! Putting on a blazer with your holiday sweater will give you a chic look the party wasn’t ready for. This look is great for a more formal gathering. A pencil skirt with matching pumps finishes this look off.

5.     If you’re feeling a bit more casual don’t let that stop you from styling your sweater! This sweater and its childish pom-poms could be styled many ways. With white pants (yes, white after Labor Day) and yellow accessories after popping the yellow out from the sweater this looks gives off a casual look with a lot of refinement.

This holiday season don’t be caught red with an ugly sweater and an ugly outfit, make sure to be the girl everyone is looking at! Happy Holidays!