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Traveling During the Pandemic ? Here are 7 Travel Necessities

With spring break approaching, many people are traveling for the first time since the pandemic started. Many things have changed since the pandemic began, so here are eight travel necessities that will ensure you have a great adventure.

 1. Mask 

Now, I’m sure you’ve never had to travel with a mask before until now. However, with Covid-19, everything has changed. Masks not only ensure the safety of you, but it protects others. Make sure you carry a few spare things for you and all your friends.

2. Disinfectant Wipes 

It has been proven that the virus can survive on surfaces. So disinfectant wipes will come in handy when using the bathroom, waiting in the airport, boarding a plane, etc. 

3. Hand Sanitizer 

I’m sure this comes as no surprise. If you don’t have access to soap and water, hand sanitizer is the best option. The CDC recommends using a hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol before and after using public places or eating food. 

4. A portable charger 

In this current climate, everything is done by a cell phone. Things can change so fast when traveling, and without a phone, you might come up short. Having a portable charger can save a lot of time and make sure your phone is always handy.

5. A digital thermometer

A digital thermometer may sound weird; however, the most common symptom of covid-19 is high fever. It’s essential to be able to check your temperature periodically to ensure safety.

6. Cold and flu medication 

Cold and flu medication is critical to have on hand even if you’re not experiencing covid symptoms. It’s essential to keep yourself healthy, especially if you are traveling with friends and family.

7. Recent Covid & quarantine documentation

This might be the most important thing on this list. If you are traveling out of the country, you must be tested for COVID-19. It’s super essential for you to have that documentation on hand at all times. Without these documents. You may not be able to enter or leave the country.

I hope all of these helped you in some way.


 Traveling during a pandemic can be scary and tricky; however, your trip will be successful with proper planning.

Korrin Swinton is a first year journalism major at the illustrious Hampton University. Korrin expresses herself through her writing and visual art. She aspires to be a professional journalists and creative director for a magazine. She also does special occasions and special effects makeup on her free-time. To see all her work follow her via Instagram: @LookByRin.
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