THE Top 5, Type 4 Hair YouTube Gurus

Finding the perfect hairstyle for your 4A/4B/4C hair can be extremely trying and typing in “Cute Natural Hairstyles for African American Women 4A/B/C hair” on Pinterest is no longer worth of my time. Sometimes, YouTube can feel like a let down because there are so many options to narrow down. Good news! I’ve narrowed down (in no particular order) the top 5 type-4 hair natural youtubers. The following youtubers have plenty of content, step-by-step instructions, names and labels for hair products, and suggestions for getting the most perfect hairstyle you can. With summer around the corner, this is an article you do not want to pass up!


1. Naturally Temi

Joined: 2011

Subscribers: 118K

Videos: 150+

IG: NaturallyTemi


Naturally Temi is a go-to for all your versatile natural styles. At first glance, she offers a 4B/4C hair type and she knows exactly how to work it. Her YouTube videos range from tutorials (mostly) to challenges with her husband, as well as, try-on hauls. She is perfect for the ladies who love body and have a thicker hair texture! Naturally Temi is a great start to getting put on to the many hairstyles you can do with natural hair. Make sure to subscribe to her Youtube, and even follow her socials for notifications of her new videos.


2. Halfafrican Beaute

Joined: 2015

Subscribers: 566K

Videos: 250+

Ig: Halfafricanbeaute


Isimeme Edeko, also known as, HalfAfrican Beaute was one of the very first natural hair youtubers that I found in 2016. She makes her videos step by step and very personal, to the point where you feel like you both are going through your natural hair journeys together. Not only does she have the perfect hairstyles for summer, but her channel includes many different protective styles like wigs and braids. If you are looking for exciting step-by-step videos for a 4A/4B naturalista with versatility, this channel is the way to go.


3. Chime (Hair Crush)

Joined: 2011

Subscribers: 362K

Instagram: Chimeedwards


Chime is another naturalista creator that I couldn’t go without watching! Chime is the youtuber that I go to for all of my natural hair questions. She has videos ranging from tutorials, to balancing moisture for natural hair, tips you should know about being natural, growth tips, history of Melanin, and more. She not only gives us strong tutorial content, but she does an amazing job at informing us how to take the best care of our hair possible. If you are looking for another 4A/4B naturalista, Chime can help you out!


4. The Gloved Natural

Joined: 2015

Subscribers: 37K

Instagram: Rachealakua


I love finding the Youtube hidden gems, especially for natural hair. I stumbled across ‘The Gloved Natural’ when looking for the perfect deep conditioners for Type 4 hair and I’ve been hooked ever since. Her channel is extremely product based! So, for my natural ladies who are struggling to find the right products and product mixes to try out, The Gloved Natural is for you! And, like any great Youtuber she offers protective hairstyling options too!!


5. Janae Mason

Joined: 2014

Subscribers: 152K

Videos: 150+

Instagram: nae2curly


Last, but certainly not least is the ‘Flexi Rod Gawd’ Ms. Janae Mason. Janae’s channel is very hard to miss with her perfect flexi rod set tutorial. Janae, like the others offers a plethora of tutorials for many different hairstyles but excels in the setting hairstyles. The setting hairstyles to me are the flexi rod sets, two strand twist sets, and bantu knot outs. She has the perfect balance of body and defined curls. Watching her videos, I can feel the energy and excitement that she has for natural hair and the love that her healthy natural hair has for her back!

Don’t hesitate to check these ladies out, and more on Youtube and on their socials. Happy Styling!