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Happy soon-to-be Halloween, beautiful people! With the official spooky day approaching, it is the perfect time to binge all the seasonal movies you can. Whether you like spooky movies or not, take this time to spend time with friends and family. There is something about Halloween that pulls you to be festive, and nothing says, “Welcome Halloween!” more than scary movies. Here are 10 classic must-sees from the 2000s.

Childhood Classics

  1. Monster House:  Three kids, one house. The house in the neighborhood is owned by a mean old man, but the house comes to life and torments the kids. With no proof and no adults on their side, what will they do?
  2. Twitches: Twin, black, and powerful witches named Cameron and Alex are separated at birth and moved to another dimension. They come together after 21 years and have to navigate their magic, family drama, and of course, fighting evil.
  3. Twitches 2: They thought their fight with evil was done; luckily for the fans, it wasn’t. Cameron and Alex battle once again with getting rid of the darkness that torments their royal land and bringing their supposed-to-be dead father back from the land of the shadows.
  4. Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack the pumpkin king grows wiery and tired of the same schemes of Halloween. One day, he wanders into the woods and discovers the doorways to each holiday, one specifically being Christmas. As the curious skeleton we know him to be, he opens the door into Christmas land and falls in love with the idea; the natural next step being to take over Christmas, of course.
  5. Corpse Bride: Another lovely film by Tim Burton depicts an arranged marriage between Victor and Victoria. Nervous about giving his vows, Victor wanders into the woods to practice his lines. He places the ring on a branch, which is actually the finger of a dead bride and is taken to the world of the dead, but that is only half of the story.

Horror Classics

  1. Jeepers Creepers:  This horror flick takes on the story of an ancient demon who haunts for 23 days, every 23rd spring. He seeks out humans, feeds on their fear, and uses the organs and body parts of the humans he feeds on to regain strength.
  2. Saw: This is a classic! “Saw,” is aslasher film serious about a vigilante who plays God. He traps people with secrets into what he calls a game and whatever they decide can result in their death, the death of others, or freedom.
  3. The Grudge: Based on the Japanese urban legend of Kayoko, Karen Davis was a woman happily married with a son until she dies as a result of being drowned by her husband. Now, Karen spends her days haunting anyone who falls into her ghostly midsts.
  4. Orphan:  Facing the loss of an unborn child, a married couple decides to adopt a child. Who they think is an 11-year-old-girl happens to be a 33- year-old woman with a rare form of dwarfism. The orphan spends her time traveling to different areas and orphanages, seducing the husbands, and killing them when they are not attracted to her.
  5. Trick ‘r Treat: This film tells the many tall tails of Halloween.

Even if the spooky season is not one of your favorites, take this time to enjoy all the pumpkin spice and candy your heart desires and cozy up with these amazing motion pictures. Happy Halloween! 

Haila Reed

Hampton U '24

hello, my name is Haila Renae Reed and I am second-year communicative sciences and disorders major from Phoenix, Arizona and I attend Hampton University. I am an athlete, but my all-time favorite hobby is fashion styling and shopping ;)
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